My future in Europe

Erasmus+ project: My future in Europe
First teacher meetfutur_logoing in Hamburg

On the 1st Decem ber 2014 four teachers from each of our partner schools from Palestrina and Istanbul came to our school in Hamberasmus_gyhaurg.
We decorated our lecture room and our conference room a few days before the first teacher visit.
Then finally the teachers came and the vice-principal of Gymnasium Hamm, Mr Basch, Mrs Nassery & Mrs Biermann, and some Erasmus+ students welcomed the teachers.
Some music students played the violin and sang the EU anthem. Afterwards some students showed the teachers the school.
On the next day, the teachers and some students met in the conference room. The teachers were interviewed by the school newspaper and some students talked about their dream jobs and plans for the future.
Sadly the teachers had to go after some days. But the reencounter did not take long! On the 23rd January not only teachers of the partner schools came, but also some students! We were so excited!
More about the second meeting in our next article…

Priscilla and Arlinda, class 10d, Gymnasium Hamm

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