Erasmus+ meeting in Hamburg, Germany

January 2015

On the 23. January some Erasmus+ students from Hamburg picked up the teachers and students from Istanbul and Palestrina from the airport. Afterwards we went to the hotels and the guests could put their luggage in their room.

From the hotel we went to a German restaurant called Schweinske. There we all ate, talked and laughed together.

On the next day we all met at the Gymnasium Hamm and some students had prepared a little German course for the guests and showed them the whole school. After that, we went to the Rathaus and to Landungsbrücken.

On the day after, we went to the Miniaturwunderland where you could see many places of the world, for example Switzerland, in miniature form. After a couple of hours we went to a Restaurant called Kartoffelkeller and had a nice time there too.

During the next few days, Hamburg Erasmus+ students had school and they took the guests for a couple of hours with them in their classes, to show them how school is in Germany. During the week we also went Bowling and to the University.

We talked a lot about our plans for the future and what our plan B is. Many students knew what they want to become, but some don’t know what their plan B is. Wednesday was the last day of the guests in Hamburg and that is why we had a ‚Good bye, see you soon again‘ Party.

During this international meeting, we learned about different cultures, we made new friendships and the most important, we all came to the conclusion that planning for your future is really important and necessary.

Priscilla and Arlinda, 10d


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